Painters' blog Wednesday 14th November 2018 The Maldon folk festival was happening 2nd- 5th of November, I put some visuals in avocado ink on the canvas. I got the essence of much, much happening. The avocado ink I made myself. And as the evening went on, I painted in oils, over the ink, and the music of Maldon Folk festival moved to from the streets to the venues.
Something was there, more about the evening than the day. Though, I still felt it needed work. It was my first painting of an area I had just moved to, there was so much to think about. A few days later, when I had the spare time, I was encouraged to clarify things more, particularly that in the right hand corner. I made another choice, and lost what I originally thought were the Morris Dancers, to a group of women in old fashion garb with a trestle table. That day was market day, the festival long over.
The dream gained more clarity, but perhaps some things were lost when we made a choice to clarify the abstract. The painting is still asking for more work. The women ask for more detail, or dream, and something has to be there, that was there when the women were part of the Morris Dancers abstract swirl of possibility. Clarity is not always what people really want. But they will ask for it. Sometimes they’ll tell you they want something, but they actually don’t want you, as a painter to take it so far as to make a choice between the two things that are there in one. Things change in the goldfields dream and much stays as it was. This is only my first painting in Maldon. It’s a wonderful vibrant place that reminisces the sepia tones of photography that have documented the history, that still stands. (There will be an update on this one, because the painting asks for more, though in each coat loses the overlaps. And I will move on to something more permanent.)